« For the manufacturing man especially, the rule would seem all-important. His mind must be kept calm and free if he is to decide wisely the problems which are continually coming before him. Nothing tells in the long run like good judgement, and no sound judgment can remain with the man whose min dis disturbed by the mercurial changes of the Stock Exchange. It places him under an influence akin to intoxication. What is not he sees and what he sees, is not. He cannot judge of relative values or get the true perspective of things. The molehill seems to him a mountain, and the mountain a molehill, and he jumps at conclusions which he should arrive by reason. His mind is upon the stock quotations and not upon the points that require calm thought. Speculation is a parasite feeding upon values, creating none. »

Ne donnerions-nous pas, collectivement, une importance un peu trop grande aux spéculateurs et aux comportements spéculatifs ? Qu’en retirons-nous, au juste ?

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